Before your tanning session

  • Shower & exfoliate your body
  • Avoid heavy moisturising shower gels
  • Do not apply moisturisers, deodorants, oil based products or perfumes
  • If you are wearing make-up I will provide wipes for removal
  • Wax/shave at least 24 hours before your session
  • Wear loose dark clothing and ideally flip flops
  • Avoid silk, wool & leather garments as tan will not wash out of these materials.

The Session

  • Wear suitable swim wear or underwear to create desired result
  • If using underwear ensure its black as tan does not wash out of elastic/lace
  • Barrier cream will be applied to your hands & feet and other dry areas
  • Your session will last about 15 minutes
  • You will be dry to dress straight after
  • Do not touch skin whilst tan is developing to avoid tanned fingers and palms.

After your tanning session

  • Shower between 6-8 hours after treatment
  • Pat dry with towel – do not rub
  • Avoid water on skin whilst tan is developing as this will cause streaks
  • Avoid heavy exercise or any perspiration during development
  • Use a non-oil based moisturiser twice a day afterwards to prolong an even tan.