Lavish your feet and lift your soul with this luxurious reflexology treatment. 

Adding warmed basalt and cooler marble stones takes your reflexology treatment to the next level!


Alternating temperatures of stones can help boost your immune system and assist your body in eliminating metabolic waste.  

Not only that but we all know how detrimental stress can be on your health ~  LaStone treatments can help your body deal with the extra stresses we have been under recently,


Firstly stones will be selected for your spinal layout.  These will be placed under your back and shoulders, areas where you typically hold tension, and will assist you in letting-go and melting into the couch.  Whilst the spinal layout starts easing any stresses and strains in your back and shoulders; crystals and semi-precious stones will be placed on your chakras to help balance. 

Then your deluxe reflexology treatment begins….


It is believed that the basalt and stones used within a LaStone treatment bring with them their experiences and that their vibrations and energy will help relax and calm you, bringing your body into a state of homeostasis.


As this is a prescriptive treatment, the ratio of heated and cooled stones incorporated is bespoke to you and your needs making this perfect for you any time of the year.


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