LaStone Therapy is internationally recognised as being at the forefront of stone therapy and possibly the ultimate in massage modalities.  

Only people trained at the elite LaStone Therapy headquarters are allowed to carry out “LaStone” Treatments. I have undergone extensive training and am one of a handful of Advanced LaStone Therapists in the UK.  Consuquently, you are assured of the very best of professional treatments, in the safest of hands, ensuring you leave relaxed, rebalanced and restored.

Founded by Mary Nelson, and based on Ancient Native American healing rituals, LaStone treatments use both warmed basalt and cooler marble (where necessary) stones to massage the body.  

The difference in temperatures is both stimulating and relaxing to the circulatory system, which can be very beneficial in flushing out the toxins and triggering the body’s self-healing mechanisms.  Said to be up to eight times as powerful as a regular massage, every LaStone treatment is tailor-made, and completely bespoke to your needs.

LaStone is the original geothermal massage.  Perfect for allowing your body to find its natural balance. This massage is a treat for your mind, your body and your soul.

KBM LaStone Signature Treatment

95 minutes ~77.5

Possibly the best stone treatment ever!

Imagine the warmth and relaxation you will feel whilst you are massaged from top to toe with unique, renowned, LaStone techniques.

This is one of those ‘other level’ treatments where you feel a bit fuzzy afterwards – a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling where you could happily curl up and have a snooze.


This indulgent treatment starts with a spinal layout of stones selected to soothe your back muscles and address any problems you may have.   You will then receive reflexology where the addition of basalt and marble stones allows me to work on your reflexes more efficiently helping balance your nervous system, stimulate your lymphatic system and clearing the energetic system of your body to bring about balance.

There then follows a full body massage where the basalt and marble stones work together to give you a deep sense of relaxation; the basalt carries heat through your body releasing tensions your from muscles, whilst the cooler stones aid with eliminating toxins from your body.


LaStone Original Journey

75 minutes ~ 59.5

The massage of your dreams!

Considered by many to be the ultimate full body treatment.  Warmed basalt stones, cooler marble and semi-precious stones and crystals, this wonderful experience begins with a welcoming ritual before a spinal layout and chakra stones are placed and the journey with the basalt and marble begins.  A truly holistic experience to soothe away your tensions and bring about balance.


LaStone Massage

30 /45 / 60 / 90 minutes ~

29.5 / 39.5 / 49.5 / 69.5

Heated smooth basalt stones soothe your muscles and ease away your tensions whilst cooler marble stones assist in reducing any inflammation and tissue trauma.  This treatment allows your body to be healed whilst at the same time enabling you to enter into a sublime level of relaxation.

This treatment can be exclusively warmed stones if this is your preference, please mention when booking.

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LaStone AromaStone

30 /45 / 60 / 90 minutes

32 / 43 / 54 / 76

Take your LaStone Massage to the next level with the addition of essential oils.

A real treat, this massage has it all! Using essential oils blended especially for you, heated basalt stones work deeply to relax the muscles and release toxins, whilst cooler marble stones assist with flushing toxins.  This massage delivers you the ultimate in relaxation, balancing your mind, your body and your soul.

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Ultimate Back Soother

45 minutes ~ 39.5

This treatment begins with a spinal layout – said to be equivalent of a 20 minutes back massage .  As you relax in to the couch, specially selected crystals and stones will be placed on your Chakras for a complete body experience.  Whilst the power of the heated stone spinal layout draws out tensions from deep within your back muscles, a divine face and scalp massage is performed. Your back is then treated to a   Therapy massage to release your tensions and leave you feeling on top of the world.



Deep Tissue Massage

30 / 45 /60 minutes

32 / 43 / 54

This is a deep massage for tissue repair and stress reduction.

The heated and cooled stones assist in flushing out your muscles and bringing increased nutrients to the affected area.  The varying temperature enable us to work more deeply on your painful, tight muscles without the pain discomfort that can sometimes be experienced with a massage of this kind.

Whilst this treatment has been compared with sports massage, the results from deep stone tend to be preferable.

Using deep-tissue and neuro-muscular techniques this treatment synergistically supports the body’s own natural healing mechanisms for a deeper level of healing.

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LaStone Crystal Facial


This indulgent facial treatment commences with a spinal layout.  As the basalt and marble stones placed under your back  you will feel yourself sinking in to the couch and immediately relaxing.   Semi-precious stones and crystals are then placed on your Chakras to bring your body and mind into balance. 

Using the highest quality, premium facial products alongside warmed basalt, crystals and semi-precious stones, this is a facial experience like no other!


Shamanic Ear Candling Treatment


Ear candling on its own is a very powerful experience; adding stones elevates this therapy to a very relaxing, nurturing and peaceful treatment.
This treatment commences with you being cocooned in warm stones.  Additional stones, heated optimally, are used throughout the treatment.  Combining the energy of the stones with the ear-candling takes your ‘Hopi’ eexperience to a whole new level.

Ear Candling is believed to help with stress, build-up of wax, tinnitus, sinusitis, rhinitis, vertigo, hay fever, tonsillitis, headaches and migraines, post flu where ears, nose and throat remain affected, pain when flying, participants of regular swimming and diving.


LaStone Rain Bath Ceremony

60 minutes 49.35

Rain bath ceremony is an ancient Native American healing modality. This powerful, unique treatment offers healing of your body and your spirit.

A combination of aromatherapy plant oils, aromas, and healing stones work with your nervous system to help your body bring about balance to your physical being. 

You will find this non-invasive treatment intensely relaxing and yet invigorating at the same time.  This ancient, traditional treatment is believed to assist in alleviating your stress and anxiety whilst restoring balance to your body’s chemistry.

Clients often comment they are amazed at the sense of relaxation they feel after the treatment, whilst at the same time feeling refreshed and ready to take on life when they get up off the massage table.

Rain bath ceremony will cleanse, protect, nurture and enhance your nervous system.


LaStone Reflexology

Experience the ultimate reflexology treatment

45 minutes ~ 39.5

Reflexology is a natural therapy treating your whole body by gently working specific reflex points on your feet.  Adding warmed, smooth basalt and cooler marble stones will take your treatment to the next level!

Reflexology is beleived to restore and maintain your body’s natural equilibrium.

Lavish your feet and lift your soul with this luxury reflexology treatment.  

Includes spinal layout and crystal placement.


Castle building

30 minutes ~ 29.5

A nurturing and highly effective relaxation treatment which is perfect for those who may be convalescing, or for whom regular massage is not advisable. Also ideal for clients who prefer to remain fully clothed.

Basalt and marble stones are gently tucked around your body cocooning and nurturing you.  Whilst you are relaxing and basking in the energy of the stones, a gentle massage of your head and temple is carried out.

Castle building is a great, nurturing additions to many other treatments you enjoy such as reiki, reflexology, and facials.